About us

Sinolong New Materials Co., Ltd. (Sinolong), founded in 2018, It is the world's leading ecological integration technology company in the Film industry, China.

  • Who we are

    We focus on material science and technology innovation and operation, built a world-class integrated industrial chain of "high-performance polyamide material high-functional BOPA film ", and aims to build an industrial ecology with high-performance film as the core. We are highly reliable, the products such as high-performance polyamide material, high-functional BOPA film and new bio-based degradable film material BOPLA launched by Sinolong Advanced Materials have won universal recognition in the market and are widely used in fields such as consumption (food, construction, textile, daily chemical, etc.), health (medicine, high-end medical treatment), new energy, etc. Our business covers major countries and regions around the world; the production and sales have remained the world leader for many years. We are committed to becoming the most responsible company while improving service of our customer.

  • Development Belief

    We always link the “needs”at the present with the “possibility” in the future, take it as the guide:

    The company strategy is to achieve integrated and diversified development, promote the multi-directional extension of the industrial chain.
    We have created an investment management system for industrial synergy and empowerment, and promoted the overall industrial chain layout and integrated development of new materials.
    We have established a product development model of “exploring, pre-researching and developing”, accelerating innovation in the areas that matter our customer.
    Meanwhile, we apply the concept of sustainable development to all our businesses.

    We believe it forms the basis of success in the future market.

  • Continuous Innovation

    We are keen on innovation. Trying to improve the ability of independent innovation, increasing innovation investment and cooperate with top scientific research institution, the main goal of innovation is to break the tradition and empower the future. We are aware of our commitment with regard to the public- better materials, better life.


Sinolong is an enterprise with both honors of "national green supply chain management enterprise" and "national green factory". The company practices the concept of green development, continues to provide higher quality green functional materials for various industries with scientific and technological innovation, and makes unremitting efforts to create a better life

  • Nearly 100% recycling

    realize nearly 100% recyclable production technology to ensure that each energy can be used efficiently

  • Clean energy

    adopt green and clean energy to promote sustainable development.

  • Cleaner production

    the green supply chain goes deep into the production links, reduces waste from the source, improves the utilization rate of raw materials, and reduces the use of harmful substances and pollutant emissions

  • Energy conservation and emission reduction

    the comprehensive energy consumption per unit and greenhouse gas emissions have decreased year by year

  • Intelligent Manufacturing

    promote resource conservation and energy consumption control in the whole process through integration, informatization and automation, continuously improve operation efficiency and product quality, and optimize comprehensive cost.


    The first Chinese member of the FAO save food initiative, continue to ensure global food safety.


  • 01


    Better Materials, Better Life
  • 02


    Grow to be the global benchmarking enterprise in the field of new material industry.
  • 03


    Innovation, Collaboration, Dedication, Learning and Growth
  • 04


    Activating talents and insisting on customer-oriented innovation

Production base

With the concept of "scientific and technological innovation, product is our prime concern", Sinolong Materials has formed an integrated development pattern of "high performance polymer materials - high performance film materials".

  • Quanzhou
  • Xiamen

    Quanzhou production base: Sinolong Industrial Co., Ltd covers a total area of more than 130000 square meters. It is located in Quanzhou QUANHUI Petrochemical Industrial Park, with a total planning of more than 400000 tons of high-performance polymeric materials. At present, phase I "high performance polyamide polymer chip" project has been completed and put into operation in 2017, with an annual production capacity of 110000 tons.

    Xiamen production base: It occupies an area of about 130,000 ㎡ and is located in Haicang, Xiamen. It mainly develops and produces high-functional film and new bio-based degradable BOPLA film. It has world-leading production equipment with 100,000 tons’ total production capacity, which is a global leading BOPA production base.

Members of Sinolong

  • Sinolong

  • Industrial

  • Changsu

    Fujian Changsu

  • Sinolong

    Sinolong Industrial

    High performance polymeric expert

    Fujian Sinolong Industrial Co., Ltd. (Sinolong Industrial) was founded in 2012. It is a leading expert in high-performance polymer materials in the industry. The products cover film grade polyamide, high temperature resistant polyamide and other high-performance polyamide materials, which are widely used in functional film, automobiles and electrical fields. Among them, the production and marketing scale of high-functional polyamide film is the world leader.


    Global leading high-functional film supplier

    Xiamen Changsu Industrial Co., Ltd., (Xiamen Changsu)established in 2009, is an international leading BOPA film manufacturer and supplier integrating product R & D, intelligent manufacturing and marketing promotion. The production and sales volume of high-functional BOPA film is the world leader. It has realized the large-scale production of core technology products such as Ultrany, Supamid, PHA, and BOPLA, filling the gap in the high-end film market, and continuing to lead technological innovation and development of the industry.
    Fujian Changsu Industrial Co., Ltd. ("Fujian Changsu") was established in 2021. The company focuses on the R & D, production and sales of functional film and owns the world's leading fifth generation low-carbon technology production equipment. It is expected that after all put into operation, the annual production capacity will reach 200000 tons, which significantly contribute to the group’s goal.