Research strength

Sinolong Materials adheres to “innovative technology and applied science”, continuously increases investment in the field of functional, ecological and intelligent film, grasps the global leading core technology of film industry, and continues to set a technical benchmark for the industry.

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    Global Leading Equipment

    Joint with world-class film production equipment manufacturers to innovate and develop LISIM and low-carbon stretching equipment

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    R&D Team

    We have an external team composed of material experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and Beijing University of chemical technology and an independent R & D team composed of hundreds of engineers, and has built a strong relationship with scientific research institutes and senior experts such as Xiamen University and Quangang Petrochemical Research Institute of Fujian Normal University.

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    Global Leading Equipment

    Joint with world-class film production equipment manufacturers to innovate and develop LISIM and low-carbon stretching equipment

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    National  manufacturing single champion demonstration project, National specialty giant;National high tech enterprise; National green factory; National green supply chain management enterprise; National intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project; Invisible Champion of Made in China; Fujian science and Technology Progress Award; Leading enterprise in Fujian

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    National R&D Platform

    We have a polymer laboratory built in accordance with the standards of national enterprise technology center, and has obtained CNAs accreditation;Xiamen enterprise technology center, Fujian enterprise technology center and Xiamen Key Laboratory of polymer functional film;build a key technology platform for biaxial oriented stretching and polyamide polymerization, and conduct technology and application research on various high-functional film materials and high-performance polyamide materials

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    Standard Setting

    Leading the formulation of more than ten national and industry standards, promote the construction and improvement of the high-functional BOPA film standard, boost the application and promotion of new technologies and new products

R&D Investment

  • R&D talents

    People have always played a major role in company. Most of the R & D personnel are from polymer materials and engineering, material science and environment, material processing engineering, chemistry and other related majors. They are not only highly-skilled, but also can capture the trend of the industry and react to the market.

  • R&D budget

    We spare no effort to increase investment in research and development, building a solid foundation for product and technology R&D and continuously improve the ability of independent innovation.

  • Patents layout

    We attach great importance to the improvement of independent R & D capability and the protection of research results. We set up technical research and R & D objectives in combination with market demand, with nearly 150 patented technologies, the number of invention patents is leading in the industry

Research field

With the upgrading of consumption and the rapid rise of environmentalism, consumers and brands put forward higher and more requirements for the functionality and environmental protection of materials. Based on this insight, Sinolong new material has always been committed to the R & D and application of various film materials. Relying on the advantages of high-functional film industry chain and R & D platform, Sinolong new material has accelerated the iterative upgrading of core technologies, provided more functional, ecological and lightweight advance materials for brands, and promoted the consumption upgrading of end users.