Supamid VMPA

Vmpa is made of vacuum aluminum plating process by plating a very thin layer of metal aluminum on the surface of high functional BOPA film. It has excellent metal luster, can improve the performance of gas and water resistance and increase the beauty of products. It is mainly used in exquisite balloons and food packaging.

  • Application Fields

    Suitable for exquisite balloons.


  • Product Features

    ·It has excellent metallic luster and increases the beauty of the product
    ·It has good gas, steam, odor and light barrier performance
    ·It has good adaptability to post-processing such as printing and lamination

  • Product Parameters

    Roll length(m):Standard roll length: 600012000 and 18000 (others according to customer requirements)


    Paper tube specification(inches):3,6


    Test conditions: 20 ℃, 65% RH (unless otherwise specified in the test method)

    The indicators of items marked with "*" are only applicable to single-sided corona products

    The data above are measured values and non-standard values