Supamid TSA

TSA is featuring highly linear and easy tearing in its MD direction. It is used in combination with packaging materials, without any auxiliary tools, so that the elderly and children can easily tear open the packaging in a straight line, and can prevent the contents from being splashed. It is a key material to enhance the consumer experience.

Edge widthThicknessWidthSurface treatmentRetortabilityPrintability
≤10cm≤10cm300-2100mmBoth side corona≤121℃≤ 9 colors
  • Application Fields

    TSAr is recommended for cooking at ≤ 121 ℃, color printing with ≤ 9 colors, packaging with front and back frame requirements, and bag making with sealing width ≤ 6cm; Or for the middle layer of multilayer composite structure (double electric)

    TSA recommends simple printing and packaging without front and back frames and non-wide edges; Or for the middle layer of multilayer composite structure (double electric)


  • Product Features

    ·The linear tearing performance of packaging can be realized without cooperation with other special materials or processing equipment
    ·It is suitable for a variety of composite structures, and can be directly composited with ordinary PE/CPP/aluminum foils of different specifications to maintain straight tearing performance
    ·Retains other excellent mechanical properties of BOPA
    ·Excellent dimensional stability and good printing adaptability
    ·It has a wide range of temperature application and good cooking resistance. It still has straight tearing after high-temperature cooking and freezing
    ·It has good transparency and gloss

  • Product Parameters

    Roll length(m):Standard roll length: 600012000 and 18000 (others according to customer requirements)


    paper tube specification(inches):3,6


    Test conditions: 20 ℃, 65% RH (unless otherwise specified in the test method)

    The indicators of items marked with "*" are only applicable to single-sided corona products

    The data above are measured values and non-standard values