Supamid EHAr

Fresh-locking products have ultra-high barrier property. Its composite application with food packaging materials can reduce the use of additives, extend the shelf life, lock freshness and preserve fragrance, and are key materials to promote healthy upgrading of foods and reduce food waste.

  • Application Fields

    It can be used for the packaging of snacks, meat products, sauces and so on. Recommended for boiling at 100 ° C and below.


  • Product Features

    ·Excellent oxygen barrier, reduce the amount of food additives, and extend the shelf life of food
    ·Outstanding aroma retention, retaining the original flavor of food for a long time
    ·Rubbing resistance
    ·Like common BOPA, it has good composite strength with other materials (PE, CPP, etc.)
    ·Conventional thickness 15 μ m. Significantly save the use of materials and more environmentally friendly
    ·The material thickness is uniform and strictly controlled, inherits the good printing performance of BOPA, and can be used for multi-color printing and rubbing resistance
    ·Compared with coextrusion film surface printing or label, it is more environmentally friendly and beautiful
    ·Excellent performance (strength, shrinkage, flatness, smoothness, haze, etc.)

  • Product Parameters

    Roll length(m):Standard roll length: 600012000 and 18000 (others according to customer requirements)


    paper tube specification(inches):3,6


    Test conditions: 20 ℃, 65% RH (unless otherwise specified in the test method)

    The indicators of items marked with "*" are only applicable to single-sided corona products

    The data above are measured values and non-standard values