Supamid MATT

Matt not only retains the various characteristics of high-functional film material BOPA, but also has high haze and low gloss. When applied to packaging products, it can produce soft reflective effect, make the printed patterns more realistic, have good hand feel and significantly improve the packaging grade

ThicknessWidthSurface treatmentRetortabilityPrintability
12-25μm300-2100mmInner side corona≤121℃≤9色
  • Application Fields

    MATT is a kind of nylon film with matte characteristic, which can be applied in luxury and vagueness packaging, such as high-end snacks, daily detergents and so on.


  • Product Features

    ·High haze and low gloss, which can produce soft reflective effect on packaging products
    ·Make the printed pattern more realistic and have a good hand feel, and significantly improve the packaging grade
    ·Masterbatch type Matt film will not fall off and damage the matting layer due to processing conditions such as friction and heat sealing
    ·Excellent oxygen resistance
    ·Good tensile property, impact resistance and puncture resistance
    ·It still maintains a good matting effect after boiling and steaming

  • Product Parameters

    Roll length(m):Standard roll length: 600012000 and 18000 (others according to customer requirements)


    Paper tube specification(inches) paper tube specification:3,6


    Test conditions: 20 ℃, 65% RH (unless otherwise specified in the test method)

    The indicators of items marked with "*" are only applicable to single-sided corona products

    The data above are measured values and non-standard values